New Year, New Look.

Transitional Housing Program

On March 2024, BIMEC will be opening, a new State-funded, 28-bed, male-only program serving probation and pre-trial clients who are at least 18 years old.

The comprehensive 30 to 90-day program will provide participants with targeted services and links to programs that will lay the foundation for successful reintegration. Services available to participants will include screening, intake and assessment; case management; nutritious meals; structured activities and groups; life skills development; substance use screening; Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous transportation; family connection; recreation; discharge planning; and communication and reporting. BIMEC collaborates with AIC and other providers to offer TAD, Reasoning Rehabilitation, and Employment Services Group. BIMEC will mandate that each client participate in all appropriate activities.

BIMEC staff will include participants with direct links to the reentry community. They will provide peer-based counseling and coaching, enhancing the supportive environment to encourage participants to actively engage with recovery services and pro-social activities.
BIMEC has been successful in providing reentry services including transitional housing to the community since 2005. We are recognized as a highly community-connected and culturally competent provider and are an integral part of the New Haven Reentry Collaborative. BIMEC has served clients with individualized case management, referral to community services, basic life skills training and support. We will run BIMEC Transitional Housing with the same level of client and community engagement with which we implement our current Supportive Recovery Housing Program.

The proposed Transitional Housing Program aligns within BIMEC’s extensive experience in delivering a continuum of care through our supported housing program, community services, and relationships with community partners and will be a great asset to individuals served by this contract. BIMEC is uniquely positioned with extensive experience to operate this program successfully.

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