Believe In Me Empowerment Corporation (BIMEC) has a 14 year history of providing services to youth and adults in New Haven. The Mission of the organization is to improve the lives of children, young adults and their families impacted by and or affected by incarceration.

James E. Walker, MSW, Executive Director of BIMEC, has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Behavioral Health Services. His history of services to this target population, Mr. Walker is the chief visionary for the organization and continues to lead and move this organization forward.

~ Inspiring youth, young adults and their families to BELIEVE, ACHIEVE & SUCCEED!!! ~

Non-profit 501c3 / Funding sources:

• United Way EFSP

• United Way – N2N

• City of New Haven – CDBG

• City of New Haven – YVP

• Community Foundation of Greater New Haven
Re-entry Woman and Girl’s Grant



 • 425 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven (men)
• 164-166 Shepard Street, Hamden (women)
• 48 Dayton Street, New Haven (women)

How you can reach us:

Questions, suggestions or ideas? Let us know and use the contact form


03-1427 Dixwell Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511