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Food Bank

Emergency foodbank: Monday thru Friday, 10-4
(must be referred)

This program is open to community members in need on a monthly basis and currently serves approximately 60 families per month. In addition, the Emergency Food Service is available for immediate emergency needs and accepts referrals from 211, juvenile and adult probation. The BIMEC Food Ban serves those of low-income and at-risk populations in immediate and surrounding areas to Dixwell-Newhallville neighborhoods. These include the elderly, single parent, mental health, substance abuse and homeless populations. The populations of Dixwell and Newhallville communities are mainly low income and minorities with high rates of unemployment. These families have stretched their food budgets as far as possible resulting in sacrificing the quality of foods eaten. We provide nutritious options such as fresh fruits and vegetable to help supplement food budgets and support a healthy lifestyle. Many of our families are working families with insufficient income.


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